TNPSC Modern World History Part - 4

51. The Berlin Colonial Conference was a meeting of European powers in Berlin, Germany in 1884-85 at the invitation of ________ the Chancellor of Germany.
a) Kitchener b) Bismarck c) Theodore Roosevelt d) Truman

52. In ________ Britain declared Egypt a British protectorate.
a) 1862 b) 1882 c) 1895 d) 1905

53. Britain and France clashed in a town called Fashoda in Southern ________ on the upper Nile.
a) Morocco b) Sudan c) Algeria d) Abyssinia

54. At the battle of ________ in 1898, Kitchener managed to defeat the natives of the town, Fashoda.
a) Morocco b) Omdurman c) Algeria d) Burma

55. The French troops under ________ occupied Fashoda for France.
a) Jean-Baptiste Marchand b) Theodore Roosevelt c) Chang Chih-tung d) Dowager Tz'u-his

56. ________ ruled China from 1644 to 1912 actively sponsored and promoted Confucian culture.
a) Manchus b) Hapsburg c) Bourbon d) Tudor

57. The Hundred Day Reforms in china was in the year ________ 
a)1878 b) 1898 c)1900 d)1902

58. The Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) ended by the humiliating treaty of ________ in 1895.
a) Paris b) Shimonoseki c) Boxer d) Leipzig

59. By 1898,  ________ had seized Kiaochow from China
a) China b) Germany c) Japan d) America

60. Ever since the Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864), Manchu dynasty's political power had been decentralized in ________ 
a) China b) Germany c) Italy d) Russia

61. Boxer Uprising / Movement (1900) were in ________ 
a) China b) Germany c)Japan d)Spain

62. From 1895 to 1898, Shantung was under the rule of Governor ________ who secretly encouraged the Boxers to attack Christian missionaries.
a) Li Ping-heng b) Yuan Shih-k'ai c) Chang Chih-tung d) K’ang Yu-wei

63. In 1899, ________ the new Shantung governor, gave active support to the Boxer Movement.
a) Yu-hsien b) Kuang-hsu c) Dowager Tz'u-hsi d) Theodore Roosevelt

64.In May ________ the Empress Dowager asked the Boxers to enter Peking to show her their magical kung-fu.
a) 1900 b) 1905 c) 1908 d) 1911

65.The Empress Tz'u-hsi fled ________ for Xian
a) Peking b) Fukien c) Hunan d) Shensi

66. Taiwan was ceded to ________ in 1895.
a) Japan b) Hungary c) China d) Germany

67.In 1903, Huang Hsing, who was an overseas student from the province of ________ set up a revolutionary organization there to work for the overthrow of the Ch'ing dynasty.
a) Hungary b) Hunan c) Peking d) Shensi

68.In 1904, Huang Hsing was forced to escape to Japan, where he met ________ 
a) Sun Yat-sen b) Liang Ch'i-ch'ao c) K'ang Yu-wei d) Yuanshikai

69. In 1903, overseas students formed a “Resist-Russia-Volunteer Corps" for the purpose
of defending China against the Russian aggression in ________ 
a) Manchuria b) Hong Kong c) Hungary d) Peking

70.By 1905, Sun Yat-sen, Huang Hsing and the overseas students in ________ realized the importance of cooperation in revolutionary efforts who set up the Revolutionary Alliance (T'ung-meng hui).
a) Japan b) Hungary c) China d) Germany

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