TNPSC Modern World History Part - 12

221. During the Second World War, the Nazi dictator _________ initiated a movement that aimed at wiping out the whole race of Jews which was called the holocaust.
a) Lenin b) Winston Churchill c) Chamberlain d) Adolf Hitler

222. After the war, Japan was placed under the control of the Far Eastern Commission with General _________ as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces.
a) Mac Arthur b) Lenin c) Hindenburg d) Victor Emmanuel III

223. In 1931 Japan captured _________ 
a) Leningrad b) Greece c) Manchuria d) Peking

224. In 1938 _________ annexed Austria.
a) Britain b) Germany c) France d) Italy

225. September 3, 1939 - Britain and France declared war on _________ 
a) Britain b) Greece c) Leningrad d) Germany

226. September 1939 _________ attacked and captured Denmark and Norway.
a) Germany b) Greece c) Leningrad d) Yugoslavia

227. November 30, 1939 - Soviet Union invaded _________ 
a) USA b) Greece c) Leningrad d) Finland

228. Battle of Britain was in the year _________ 
a) 1930 b) 1940 c) 1942 d) 1946

229. December 7, 1941 _________ attacked Pearl Harbor.
a) USA b) Japan c) Malaysia d) Hong Kong

230. December _________ Germany and Italy declared war on USA.
a) 1911 b) 1921 c) 1931 d) 1941

231. August 1945 - US dropped Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, (6th) and Nagasaki (9th), in _________ 
a) Malaysia b) China c) Japan d) Luxembourg

232. _________ attacked Poland on September 1, 1939.
a)Hitler b) John F. Kennedy c) Lenin d) Hindenburg

233. The U.S.A. entered the Second World War when _________ attacked the Pearl Harbor in 1940.
a) Belgium b) Malaysia c) Luxembourg d) Japan

234. The United Nations Organization was established in _________ 
a) 1935 b) 1945 c) 1947 d) 1949

235.In August _________ the Atlantic Charter was issued by the U.S. President Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Churchill.
a) 1901 b) 1911 c) 1921 d) 1941

236. In October 1944, a scheme for the establishment of an international security organization was discussed at Dumbarton Oaks Conference held in _________ 
a) Washington DC b) San Francisco c) Malaysia d) Luxembourg

237.The Yalta Conference held in 1945 in which the U.S. President Roosevelt, the British Prime Minister Churchill and the Soviet Prime Minister _________ met to resolve to call for a session of the United Nations.
a) Lenin b) Stalin c) Winston Churchill d) Hindenburg

238. _________ started functioning from 24th October, 1945.
a) U.N.O. b) CENTO c) SEATO d) USA

239. Headquarters of UNO was at _________ 
a) New York b) Jerusalem c) Malaysia d) Hague

240.The Security Council is the executive body of the _________ 

Answer Keys
221.d 222.a 223.c 224.b 225.d 226.a 227.d 228.b 229.b 230.d
231.c 232.a 233.d 234.b 235.d 236.a 237.b 238.a 239.a 240.a

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