TNPSC: India and Democracy Important Notes of All Competitive Examination

India - Democracy
Meaning of Democracy: The term democracy was first used by Herodutus nearly 2500 years ago
Democracy is term derived from two the Greek words "Demos" and "Cratia"
Demos - The People
Cratia - The Power or Rule

Abraham Lincoin: According to Abraham Lincoin, ' Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people'. 
Prof. Seeley: According to Prof. Seeley, ' Democracy is a government in which everyone has a share'

How many Types of Democracy
1. Direct Democracy: People directly participate in the functioning of the government. In ancient India, Village panchayat system was functioning based on Direct Democratic norms.
2. Indirect Democracy: The representatives are duly elected by the people. Most of the countries in the world follow indirect democracy.

Importance of Democracy
Democracy assures people certain fundamental rights as it is a government chosen by the majority of the people.

Political Parties: Classfication of the Party System
1. Single Party System: Example - China and Cuba
2. Two-party of Bi- Party System: Example - USA (The Rupublic Party and the Democratic Party) and England (The Labour Party and the Conservative Party
3. Multi- Party System: Example - France and India

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