TNPSC - 10th Standard - Social Transformation in Tamil Nadu ( Part-1)

Social Transformation in Tamil Nadu
  1. Justice Party Officially known as South Indian Liberal Federation.
  2. Justice party involed in petitioning to the imperial administrative bodies demanding more representation for non-Brahmins administration.
  3. Justice party was published Dravidian in Tamil, Andhra Prakasika in Telugu and Justice in English.
  4. Justice party formed the Ministry head of Subbarayalu Reddiar in the election of 1920. Thend formed 1923.
  5. Swarajya Party was success in the Election of 1926 but not formed ministry.
  6. Justice party formed ministry in 1930 
  7. Congress party won in the election of 1934 and not formed ministry.
  8. Justice party came under the leadership of Periyar E.V Ramamasamy and his self-respect movement.
  9. In 1944 at Salem conference Justice Party name was changed Dravidar Kazhagam. 
Achievement of the Justice Party
  1. The communal G.O's of 1921 and 1922 provided reservation of appointments in local bodies and educational Institutions for Non-Brahmins.
  2. In 1921 Women were granted the right to vote, abolished Devasai system, prevented immoral traffic of Women and passed Industries Act.
  3. Government created a Staff Selection Board in 1924 and it became the Public Service Commission in 1929.  Now it is TNPSC (Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission).
  4. In 1925 Andhra University was Opened
  5. In 1929 Annamalai University was Opened
  6. Introducing mid-day meals schemes at Thousand lights Thiyagaraya Chettiar Strenghened the School.
  7. In 1926 the Hindu Religous Endownment bill was passed
Self-Respect Movement

  1. E.V.Ramasamy Periyar was the Greatest Social reformers of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Periyar was born on 17th Septemeber, 1879 in Erode.
  3. Periyar Joined in Congress party in 1919, he was elected as the Secretary of Madras State Congress Committee in 1921 and its President in 1923.
  4. Periyar was famous Vaikam Sathya Graha in 1924. Periyar was given the titleof "Vaikam Hero"
  5. Periyar visited a school on Gurukulam style run at Sheramandevi of of Congress funds.
  6. Periyar left the Kanchipuram Congress conference and started in  Self Respect Movement in 1925.
  7. Periyar published Kudiarasu, Puratchi and Viduthalai.
  8. Periyar was given the title of ' Periyar' by Ladies Conference held at Madras.

  1. C.N.Annadurai was born on 15th September, 1909 at Kancheepuram.
  2. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam was formed on 17th Septemeber 1949.
  3. In the election of 1967, his Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam  party got victory and Anna became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
Action and Achievements
  1. Introduced the Scheme of 1kg rise for Rs.1/-
  2. Introduced Tamil Language Devlopement Scheme.
  3. In 1967, Anna was announced, the first day of Chittirai as Tamil New year day.
  4. Anna Changed the official name of the state form ' Madras' to 'Tamilzhaga Arasu' or 'Tamizhagam'.
  5. On 16th April in the Secretariat in Fort St.George. the Chief Minister Anna ceremoniously switched on neon light in the form of State Emplem - a Temble Gopuram above the words ' Tamilzhaga Arasu Talaimai Cheyalagam.
  6. At the same day he announced that the national motto ' Satyameva Jayate' would henceforth appear as ' Vaimaye Vellum and that Sanskrit form of address Sri/Srimath/Kumari would replace the Tamil Forms of Thiru/Thirumathi/Selvi

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