TNPSC - Important Question With Answers - Indian Polity

01. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly? ­ Dr. Rajandra Prasad
02. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee? ­ B R. Ambedkar
03. When was the drafting of the Indian Constitution completed and adopted? 
26 November, 1949
04. When was the Constitution of India put into effect? ­ 26 January, 1950
05. Who adopted the National Flag of India? ­ The Constituent Assembly (July 1947)
06. Who set forth the main objectives of the Constituent Assembly in the form of the Objective
Resolution? ­ Jawaharlal Nehru
07. How is the President of India elected? ­ By Electoral College
08. Who presides over the session of the Rajya Sabha? ­ The Vice­President of India
09. Who appoints the Governors of States? ­ The President of India
10. What is the total number of members in the Lok Sabha? – 552
11. Which article in Indian Constitution gives the power of Writ jurisdiction to Supreme court? ­ Article 32
12. What is the monthly salary of chief Justice of Supreme court? ­ 1 lakh
13. What is the monthly salary of judge of Supreme court? ­ 90,000
14. Who is the first female judge of supreme court? ­ Fathima Beevi
15. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Rights? ­ America (USA)
16. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Supreme Court? ­ America (USA)
17. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Preamble? ­ America (USA)
18. From Which country India Borrowed Written Constitution? ­ America (USA)
19. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Duties? ­ Russia (USSR)
20. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Speaker in Lok Sabha? ­ Britain (UK)
21. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Parliamentary Election? ­ Britain (UK)
22. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed 'Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the Emergency'? – Germany
23. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Concurrent list? – Australia
24. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Union ­ State List? – Canada
25. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Amendment of the Constitution? ­ South Africa
26. Which amendment is known as Mini constitution? ­ 42nd amendment (1976)
27. In which amendment did Right to property is removed from the Fundamental Rights? ­ 44th
amendment (1978)
28. In which amendment did the voting age is lowered from 21 to 18? ­ 61st amendment (1989)
29. Which amendment lead to the creation of Panchayat Raj? ­ 73st amendment (1992)
30. Which article is known as Heart and Soul of the Constitution? ­ Article 32
31. Article 17 of the Indian Constitution provides for? ­ Abolition of Untouchability
32. Fundamental Right are granted to citizens under which Article? ­ Article 12 to 35
33. 'Right to Equality' is guaranteed to the citizens of India under Article? ­ Article 14
34. Which article has banned employment of children below the age of 14 in hazardous industries and factories? ­ Article 24
35. Which article deals with the free and compulsory education to all children below 14 years of age? ­ Article 21 A
36. Which is the Article that provides special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir? ­ Article 370
37. Which Article relates to the establishment of Finance Commission? ­ Article 280
38. Which Article deals with the Fundamental Duties? ­ Article 51 A
39. India become a republic on? ­ January 26, 1950
40. What is the maximum time interval between two successive sessions of the parliament? ­ Six months
41. In our constitution Education is included in the ____ list? ­ Concurrent List
42. Who is the first Acting president of India? ­ V.V Giri
43. Which article proclaims, India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States? ­Article 1
44. By elections to any House of Parliament or any State Legislative Assembly is held within ­ 6 months
45. Who was the first CAG of India? ­ V. Narahari Rau
46. Who is the custodian and guardian of the rights and privileges of the Members? – Speaker
47. Who is known as the ‘Father of Local Self Government in India’? ­ Lord Ripon
48. Preamble is known as ­ The Soul of Indian Constitution
49. When was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held? ­ 9 December, 1946
50. Under which Plan was the Constituent Assembly constituted? ­ Cabinet Mission Plan
51. What is the number of elected members in the Lok Sabha? – 550
52. How many members constitute the Rajya Sabha? ­ 250
53. Who was the first president of India? ­ Dr. Rajendra Prasad
54. Who is the first Muslim president of India? ­ Zakir Hussain
55. Who is the first president to declare national emergency? ­ Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
56. Who is known as the Philosopher President of India? ­ Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
57. Who is the first Indian president to die in office? ­ Zakir Hussain
58. Who is the youngest President of India? ­ Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
59. In which year Supreme Court of India came into force? ­ 1950 January 28
60. Who is the first chief Justice of India?­ Harilal J Kania

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