TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 141-150

141) The authority to declare war or peace under the Indian Constitution
a) the Prime Minister
b) the President
c) the Parliament
d) the Defense Minister
Answer: b

142) Which of the following is the basis for the President’s impeachment?
a) lose of confidence in the lok Sabha
b) proven misbehavior
c) proven incapacity
d) violation of the constitution
Answer: a

143) Proclamation of emergency by the President of India can be made on the written provision of
the Cabinet only. This has been added
a) After 44th constitutional amendment
b) after 42nd amendment
c) by the Constituent assembly
d) the Supreme Court of India in 1975
Answer: a

144) Under which article of the constitution, the executive power of the Union is vested in the
President ?
a) Article 25
b) Article 53)
c) Article 54
d) Article 55
Answer: b

145) The budget is presented in the House of people by
a) the Prime Minister
b) the President
c) the Finance Minister
d) the Defense Minister
Answer: c

146) The President is bound by the
a) Article 74(1)
b) Article 74(2)
c) Article 74(3)
d) Article 74(4)
Answer: a

147) The accountability or responsibility of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to the Lok Sabha is
a) intermittent
b) indirect
c) at the time of election
d) direct, continuous, and collective
Answer: d

148) The Vice-President of India can be removed from the office
a) by a resolution in the Council of states approved by Lok sabha
b) by a resolution of Lok Sabha agreed to by the council of states 
c) by a resolution adopted by the two House meeting in a joint session
d) following the normal process of impeachment
Answer: a

149) The Council of Ministers is responsible to
a) President
b) Parliament
c) Lok Sabha
d) Rajya Sabha
Answer: c

150) Who is the legal advisor of the Government of a State ?
a) The Attorney General
b) Advocate General
c) The Solicitor General
d) The Comptroller-Auditor
Answer: b

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