TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 121-130

121) Who describes the Indian federation as 'a co-operative federation' ?
a) Granville Austin
b) Sir Ivor Jennings
c) k C Where
d) Alexandrowicz
Answer: a

122) Which part of the Constitution deals with the Fundamental Duties ?
a) IV A
b) IX A
c) XIV A
d) X
Answer: a

123) Right to vote and to be elected in India is a _____
a) Fundamental Right
b) Constitutional Right
c) Natural Right
d) legal Right
Answer: b

124) Under the term "Double Jeoparady" implied in Clause 2 of Article 20 of the Constitution of
India, a person
a) convicted by a court of law cannot be punished under departmental proceedings for the same offense 
b) punished departmentally can not be prosecuted in a court of law for the same offence
c) shall not be prosecuted and punished for the same offense more than once
d) cannot be objected proceedings in civil courts for disobedience of an injunction along with criminal proceedings
Answer: c

125) Which of the following are envisaged by the Right against exploitation in the Constitution of
a) prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced Labour
b) Abolition of untouchability
c) protection of the interests of the minorities
d) prohibition of free movement
Answer: a

126) Article 30 of the Indian Constitution deals with _____
a) right to propagate religion
b) Abolition of untouchability
c) right of the minorities to establish and manage educational institutions
d) freedom of conscience
Answer: c

127) In the Indian Constitution , the power to issue a writ of “ Hebeas Corpus” is vested _____
a) the Supreme Court
b) the High Courts
c) the Subordinate courts
d) the Supreme Corts and the High Courts
Answer: d

128) Which of the following writs is issued by an appropriate judicial body in order to free a
person who has been illegally detained ?
a) Habeas Corpus
b) Prohibition
c) Quo- Warranto
d) Certiorari
Answer: a

129) Which of the following Fundamental rights is guaranteed only to the citizens?
a) Equality before law
b) Freedom of speech and expression
c) Right to life and liberty
d) Right to freedom of religion
Answer: b

130) Fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Constitution can be suspended _____
a) Proclamation of national emergency
b) an Act passed by the Parliament
c) an amendment of the Constitution 
d) judicial decision of the Supreme Court
Answer: a

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