TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 131-140

131) Which of the following is not included in Right to Freedom?
a) Equality before law
b)Freedom of speech and expression
c) acquire , hold or dispose property 
d) Right to freedom of religion
Answer: c

132)Right to Information is
a) Fundamental Rights
b) Constitutional Rights
c) Natural Rights
d) legal Rights
Answer: d

133) Minority rights are given in
a) Article 25 -28
b) Article 29 and 30
c) Article 31
d) Article 32
Answer: b

134) Which of the following is not a fundamental duty
a) To respect national Anthem
b) To protect monuments and places of national importance
c) To safeguard private property 
d) To protect and improve the natural environment
Answer: c

135) Which part of the Constitution refers to the responsibility of the state towards international peace and security ?
a) Fundamental Rights
b) Directive Principles of State Policy
c) emergency provisions
d) Preamble of the Constitution
Answer: b

136) Which of the following articles incorporated with international peace and security ?
a) Article 25
b) Article 29)
c) Article 44
d) Article 51
Answer: d

137) The Supreme Court has the power to issue writs under
a) Article 25
b) Article 29
c) Article 44
d) Article 32
Answer: d

138) The Directive Principles of state policy is taken from
a) Irish constitution
b) British constitution
c) US constitution
d) Japan constitution
Answer: a

139) The impeachment of the President can be initiated by
a) Either House of the Parliament
b) a joint sitting of both house of the Parliament
c) the Lok Sabha
d) the Rajya Sabha
Answer: a

140) Which of the following shall not be considered an adequate ground for the issue of a proclamation of national emergency ?
a) war
b) external aggression
c) armed rebellion
d) internal disturbance
Answer: d

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