TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 171-180

171) Decision on question as to disqualifications of membership of either House of Parliament
rests with the
a) Election Commission
b) the Chief justice of India
c) the Parliament
d) President after consultation with the Election commission
Answer: d

172) ) Rajya Sabha has exclusive jurisdiction in
a) the creation and abolition of states
b) in amending the Constitution
c) in the removal of the Government
d) authorising Parliament to legislate on a subject in the State List
Answer: d

173) According to the Constitution of India , a new All India Services can be instituted with the
intiative taken by
a) more than two –third of the states
b) the interstate council
c) the Rajya Sabha
d) President
Answer: c

174) The quorum requirement in the Rajya Sabha
a) 25
b) 50
c) 100
d) 126
Answer: a

175) The Chairman of Rajya Sabha is elected by
a) elected members of Rajya Sabha
b) members of Rajya Sabha
c) the elected members of Rajya Sabha
d) all the members of the Parliament
Answer: d

176) The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the supervision of the
a) Ministry of Home Affairs
b) Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
c) Prime Minister’s office
d) Speaker of Lok Sabha
Answer: d

177) The joint session of the two Houses of Parliament is chaired by
a) Vice-President of India
b) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
c) Prime Minister
d) Speaker of Lok Sabha
Answer: d

178) The Council of States is a
a) house elected every six years
b) house elected every five years
c) House which is permanent
d) House which can be dissolved
Answer: c

179) Which of the following presides over the sitting of the House of the people ?
a) Vice-President of India
b) Chief Justice of India
c) Prime Minister
d) Speaker of Lok Sabha
Answer: d

180) The Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha in
a) electoral powers
b) emergency powers
c) amending powers
d) financial powers
Answer: d

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