TNPSC General Knowledge Model Questions

1. Which is the highest literacy award of the world?
a. Novel Prize
b. Booker Prize
c. Pulitzer Prize
d. Magsaysay Award
e. none
Answer: a

2. Diabetus insipidus is caused by less producton of ____
b. TSH
c. ADH
d. GH
Answer: c

3. The neutrons was discoverd by ______
a. Chadwick
b. Rutherford
c. Bohr
d. Fermi
Answer: a

4. Which is not a function of the central bank of a country?
a. Lender of the last resort
b. Controller of credit
c. Custodian of nation's foreign exchange reserves
d. Supervisor of nation's fiscal policy
Answer: d

5. The normal temperature of human body of Kelvin scale is ______
a. 280
b. 290
c. 300
d. 310
Answer: d

6. What is the name of India mentioned in the Constitution of India?
a. India
b. Bharatvarsh
c. Bharat
d. Hidustan
Answer: d

7. What is the elective strength of the Lok Sabha?
a. 525
b. 450
c. 545
d. 548
e. 549
Answer: d

8. Which of the following is a direct tax?
a. Sales tax
b. Income tax
c. Excise tax
d. all of the above
Answer: b

9. Which is the India's largest and the oldest museum?
a. Indian Museum, Kolkata
b. National Museum, New Delhi
c. Allahabad Museum
d. Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Answer: a

10. Which one is the oldest Paramilitary force in India?
a. BSF
b. Assam Rifles
c. Indo-Tibetan Border Police
d. Coast Guard
Answer: b

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