TNPSC General English Original Questions with Answers 1 - 10

1. Match the underlined words in Column A with their parts of speech in Column Band select the correct answer from the options given below:
      Column A                            Column B
(a) He walks quickly             1. Subject
(b) Reena taught him Hindi  2. Object
(c) Rani ate ice cream           3. Verb
(d) Radha is a doctor            4. Compliment
   (a) (b) (c) (d)
(a) 3   1   2   4
(B) 1   2   3   4
(C) 4   1   2   3
(D) 2   1   4   3 
Answer: A

2. Choose correct prepositions from the options given :_______ the cupboard, very ______ the wall, there is a narrow gap,______ which a few charts .have been kept.
(A) into, behind, near
(B) behind, near, into
(C) into, near, behind
(D) near, behind, into 
Answer: B

3. Identify the sentence pattern : One of the boys had been singing well.
(C) S VO C
Answer: B

4. Which of the following phrasal verbs suits the given sentence? ----your bad habits.
(A) get back
(B) give in
(C) give up
(D) get on 
Answer: C

5. Identify the incorrect sentence from the following:
(A) Apples are not so sweet as Mangoes
(B) Mangoes are sweeter than Apples
(C) Japanese are the industrious people in the world
(D) Gold is costlier than silver 
Answer: C

6.Find out the correct sentence :
(A) One of the bicycle is defective
(B) One of the bicycles is defective
(C) One of the bicycle are defective
(D) One of the bicycles were defective 
Answer: B

7. Find out the correct question tag: "She goes to school by van"
(A) is she?
(B) aren't they?
(C) are they?
(D) doesn't she? 
Answer: D

8. Which of the following sentences is wrong?
(A) Dad polished his shoes yesterday
(B) Subhash has cut the vegetables just now
(C) The police have catch the motorcyclist for speeding
(D) The ripe fruit has fallen from the tree 
Answer: C

9. Choose the correct 'Synonym' of the underlined word from the given options.Sivasubramania Iyer's wife was very conservative.
(A) traditional
(B) ideal
(C) liqeral
(D) formal 
Answer: A

10. What is "Possessive Adjectives"?
(A) They answer the question which
(b) They answer to the question whose
(C) They answer the question How many
(D) They answer the question How much
Answer: B

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