Important General Knowledge for all Competitive Exams

1. What is the instrument that determines specific gravity of liquids?
Answer: Gravimeter

2. Which seas are linked by the Suez Canal?
Answer: The Mediterranean and the Red sea

3. Mrinalini Sarabhai associated with which dance?
Answer: Classical Dancer and Choreographer

4. National Rural Livelihood Scheme has been launched:
Answer: To help SHG for gainful employment

5. The Governor of a State can be removed by:
Answer: President

6. Cancer is a disease where we find uncontrolled?
Answer: Cell Division

7. In Which city is the Indian Institute of Petroleum located?
Answer: Dehradun (Uttatrakhand)

8. Silvassa is the Capital of ____
Answer: Dadra and Nagar Haveli

9. The Change of state directly from solid to gas called _____
Answer: Sublimation

10. What is instrument for measuring blood pressure called?
Answer: Spygmomanometer

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