TNPSC Group 4 Expected Questions with Answers - Set -36

1. I.B.R.D. is also known as ______
(A) International Bank 
(B) World Bank
(C) Asian Development Bank 
(D) Bank of America
Answer : (B)

2. Where was ‘Tanchoi’ brocade developed?
(A) Varanasi 
(B) Dhaka
(C) Surat 
(D) Tanjavur
Answer : (A)

3. Which of the following is the hardest substance in the human body?
(A) Bone 
(B) Enamel
(C) Nail 
(D) None of these
Answer : (B)

4. Who was the last ruler of Lodi dynasty?
(A) Bahlol Lodi 
(B) Ibrahim Lodi
(C) Sikandar Lodi 
(D) Daulat Khan Lodi
Answer : (B)

5. Which is the highest finance body for small scale industries?
Answer : (B)

6. Which of the following oceans has the shape of the English alphabet ‘S’?
(A) Arctic Ocean 
(B) Indian Ocean
(C) Atlantic Ocean 
(D) Pacific Ocean
Answer : (C)

7. The first talkie film in India was ______
(A) Raja Harish Chandra 
(B) Alam Ara
(C) Chandi Das 
(D) Jhansi Ki Rani
Answer : (B)

8. Which amidst the following countries of the European union has not adopted the single currency Euro ?
(A) France 
(B) U. K.
(C) Germany 
(D) Spain
Answer : (B)

9. Galvanized iron sheets have a coating of______
(A) Tin 
(B) Lead
(C) Zinc 
(D) Chromium
Answer : (C)

10. The author of the book ‘My Country My Life’ is ______
(A) Lal Krishna Advani 
(B) Jaswant Singh
(C) Dilip Kumar 
(D) Sunil Gavaskar
Answer : (A)

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