TNPSC - General Knowledge Important Questions and Answers

1. Which Article deals with the free and compulsory education to all children below 14 years of age?
Answer: Article - 45

2. Which Articles deals with Organisation of Village Panchayat?
Answer: Article - 40

3. When was launched on AAY (Andyodaya Anna Yojana ) Scheme?
Answer: 25th December, 2000.

4. Indira Awass Yojana was launched on which year?
Answer: 1985.

5. Which Amendment is known as Mini Constitution?
Answer: 42nd Amendment.

6. Which Amendment created the National Capital Territory of Delhi?
Answer: 69th Amendment.

7. Five Year Plan borrowed from which Country?
Answer: Russia

8. From which country Indian Constitution borrowed Federal System and Union State List?
Answer: Canada

9. From which country Indian Constitution borrowed Speaker in Lok Sabha and Parliament Election?
Answer: England

10. As per the Constitution of India, the intervening period between two session of Parliament should not be more than___.
Answer: 6 Months.

11. The President of India by order constitutes a Finance Commission Every ____
Answer: Fifth Year

12. How is the change in government in modern State Carried out?
Answer: Through Elections and Smooth Transfer of Power

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