TNPSC - Important Questions and Answers of Indian Constitution

Q. Languages came under which Schedule of Indian Constitution?
A. Eighth Schedule

Q. The Philosophical postulates of the Constitution of India are based on:
A. Objectives Resolution of Pandit Nehru, 1947.

Q. The Words "Socialist" and "Secular" were inserted in the Preamble by the
A. 42nd Amendment.

Q. The Preamble to the Constitution of India:
A. Indicates the objectives to be achieved.

Q. The boundary of a State in India can be altered through the procedure laid down in
A. Article 3

Q. The Parliament of India passed the State Reorganisation Act in 1956 to create______
A. 14 States and 6 Union Territories

Q.  When was the Citizenship Act (1955) has been amended?
A. 1986, 1992, 203 and  2005

Q. Which Part of the Indian Constitution mentioned about Citizenship?
A. Part II

Q. In Indian Constitution, the power to issue a writ of ' Habeas Corpus' is vested only in
A. The Supreme Court and the High Courts

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