TNPSC - Important Questions of Indian Constitution

TNPSC - Important Questions of Indian Constitution

1. Which one of the following is an essential pre-requisite for constitutionalism?
a. Limited government
b. A written Constitution
c. Guarantee of Fundamental Rights
d. Division of powers
Answer:  Limited government

2. The US method of amending the constitution is
a. Simple
b. absolute
c. simple as well as absolute
d. partly simple and partly absolute
Answer: Absolute

3. The theory of separation of powers was initiated by
a. Blackstone
b. Madison
c. Locke
d. Montesquieu
Answer:  Montesquieu

4. Which of the following combination has semi-presidential form of government?
a. USA and China
b. Mexico and the Pinland
c. France and Sri Lanaka
d. Pakistan and India
Answer: France and Sri Lanaka

5. In which of the following federal systems decentralization is implemented under the 'grassroots' doctrine?
a. India
b. Australia
c. Austria
d. Canada
Answer: India

6. 'All the Ministers sail and sink together'. This is true of the following form of government.
a. Presidential
b. Unitary
c. Parliamentary
d. All of the above
Answer: Parliamentary

7. The first systematic  classification of government was given by
a. Aristotle
b. Plato
c. Montesquieu
d. Soctrates
Answer: Aristotle

9. Which one of the countries once had tricameralism?
a. France
b. Spain
c. India
d. South Africa
Answer: South Africa

10. The most powerful legislature in the world is the_____
a. U.S. Congress
b. Swiss legislature
c. British Parliament
d. Indian Parliament
Answer: British Parliament

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