TNPSC - General English Original Questions and Answer Date of Exam: 26.07.2015 (Part - 1)

TNPSC - General English Date of Exam: 26.07.2015

Original Questions and Answer

1. Math the words in column A with the suffixes in Column B

Column A           Column B
a. astonish      1. - ful
b. potential     2. - ment
c. ferocious     3. - ness
d. success       4. - ity

         a      b     c      d
a.      1      4     3     2
b.      3      4     2     1
c.      2      4     3     1
d.      2      4     1     3

Answer: c.  2      4     3     1

2. Pick out the sentence with the wrong usage of articles
a. The cow is a useful animal
b. The rose is the sweetest of all flowers
c. Let's go to the work
d. The banyan is a kind of a fig tree

Answer: d. The banyan is a kind of a fig tree

3. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

The most popular therapy _____ getting rid _____ hiccups is to have someone to scare you when you least expect it.
a. to,  away
b. on, to
c. off, for
d. for , of

Answer: d. for , of

4. Fill in the blank with a suitable question tag:

Let's go for walk, _______
a. should we?
b. shall we?
c. can we?
d. could we?

Answer: b. shall we?

5. Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in the blank:

They ___ the bridge for several months.
a. have been building
b. are building
c. will be building
d. had been building

Answer: a. have been building

6. Pick out the Correct words from the options given below:

He gave me ________ notes.
a. a ten five rupee
b. ten five rupee
c. a ten five repee's
d. ten five repee

Answer: d. ten five repee

7. Which one of the following word is incorrect?

a. means
b. scissors
c. luggages 
d. premises

Answer: c. luggages 

8. In Oscar wilde's ' The Selfish Giant' only one little boy did not run away on seeing the giant because

a. he was blind
b. he was lame
c. he was afraid
d. he did not see the giant coming

Answer: d. he did not see the giant coming

9. H.W. Longfellow's poem, " the Psalm of life: is a piece of

a. Prayer
b. Encomium
c. Appeal
d. Advice

Answer: d. Advice

10. Rani of Jhansi was associated with_____

a. Battle of Plassey
b. Sepoy Mutity
c. British Government
d. Indian National Congress

Answer: b. Sepoy Mutity


Even researchers are finding that introverts make better leaders than extroverts for the simple reason that they are more likely to listen and pay attention to what other people are saying. By taking a backseat, introverted leaders encourage others to suggest ideas, contribute actively and take initiative, thus increasing moral and motivation

11. Introverts make better leaders because they are _____.
a. interested
b. attentive
c. attention-seeking
d. alluring
Answer: b. attentive

12. Which one of the following sentence is incorrect?
a. the flowers smell sweet
b. of Mumbai and Chennai, the former is the wealthiest
c. six miles is a long distance
d. as a novelist, Jane Austen is superior to Mrs. Henry Wood.

Answer: b. of Mumbai and Chennai, the former is the wealthiest

13. Identify the sentence which is in the positive degree:
a. this is a major issue
b. the latter chapter are lacking in interest
c. Rama's intelligence is superior to Hari's
d. He is junior to all his colleagues 

Answer: a. this is a major issue

14. Identify the sentence which is in the positive degree:
a. his age is a matter of minor importance
b. this is the most perfect specimen i have seen
c. the last time i say him: he was in high spirits
d. the longest lane has a turning

Answer: a. his age is a matter of minor importance

15. Which one of the following words is an example of a compound word consisting of an adverb + participle?
a. pale blue 
b. well defined
c. seafood
d. outsourcing

Answer: d. outsourcing

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