TNPSC - General Studies Important Questions and Answers for all competitive exam

1.  Hirakud Dam has been built on the river _____
(a) Godavari
(b) Narmada
(c) Krishna
(d) Mahanadi

Answer: Mahanadi

2. ‘National Police Academy is situated in _____
(a) Bangalore
(b) Dehradun
(c) Hyderabad
(d) Delhi

Answer: Hyderabad

3. E. C. G is used for the diagnosis of ailment of the _____
(a) Brain
(b) Kidneys
(c) Heart
(d) Lungs

Answer: Heart

4. Night blindness is caused by the lack of which vitamin?
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin C
(c) Vitamin B
(d) Vitamin D

Answer: Vitamin A

5. M. F. Hussain is a famous____
(a) Painter
(b) Singer
(c) Musician
(d) Politician

Answer: Painter

6. The battlefield of Plassey is Situated in_____
(a) Bihar
(b) West Bengal
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Orissa

Answer: West Bengal

7. Koyana project is situated in____
(a) Rajasthan
(b) Mahrashtra
(c) Gujarat
(d) Karnataka

Answer: Mahrashtra

8. Red Blood formed in_____
(a) Spleen
(b) Liver
(c) Heart
(d) Bone Marrow

Answer: Bone Marrow

9. The paintings of Ajanta depicts____
(a) Ramayana
(b) Jatakas
(c) Mahabharata
(d) None of these

Answer: Jatakas

10.The longest irrigation canal in the world is?
(a) Indira Gandhi Canal
(b) Suez canal
(c) Sarhind Canal
(d) Panama Canal

Answer: Indira Gandhi Canal

11. Main part of national income of India is gained from
(a) Sales tax
(b) Income tax
(c) Agriculture
(d) Projunction tax

Answer: Sales tax

12. The normal temperature of human body is _____
(a) 96.8° F
(b) 97.8° F
(c) 98.6°F
(d) 99.7°F

Answer: 98.6°F

13. Which is India’s best natural port?
(a) Chennai
(b) Paradeep
(c) Mangalore
(d) Mumbai

Answer: Mumbai

14. What is shortest bone in the human body 
(a) Vertebrate
(b) Phalanges
(c) Stapes
(d) Metacarpals

Answer: Stapes

15. Who introduced ‘Permanent Settlement’ in Bengal?
(a) Lord Bentick
(b) Lord Wellesley
(c) Lord Cornwallis
(d) Lord Hastings

Answer: Lord Cornwallis

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