Important Questions and Answers of Indian Constitution for TNPSC EXAM

1. Which amendment of the constitution enumerates the fundamental duty
Answer: 42nd Amendment in 1976

2. In which parts of acticle given Right to Freedom to all?
Answer: Article 19 to 22

3. Child Labour is prohibited by the Article is___
Answer: 24

4. Direct Principles are enriched in Part___of the Indian Constitution.
Answer: IV

5. Article 14 to 18 deals with___
Answer: Right to Equality

6. Part III of the Indian Constitution deals with___
Answer: Fundamental Rights

7.  The Chief Minister of State runs the Administration in the name of the___
Answer: Governor

8. The Governor appoints____of the members to the Legislative Council Whenever it exists.
Answer: 1/6

9. The Union Territories are administered by the President through___
Answer: Lieutenant Governors

10. A Citizen of India above___years of age can contest in the election to Members of Look Sabha.
Answer: 30 years

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