Important Questions of Indian History for all Competitive Exam

1. Harappan seals were made of 
a. Terracotta
b. Iron
c. Copper
d. Lead

2. An image of dancing girl is found at
a. Kalibangan
b. Harappa
c. Mohenjodaro
d. Ropar

3. Chandragupta Mourya defeated
a. Porus
b. Alexander
c. Seleucus
d. Non of the above

4. Buddhist Literature was written in 
a. Sanskrit
b. Pali
c. Prakrit
d. Tamil

5. During the sultanate period, the accession of a king was traditionally done by
a. Nomination
b. Succession
c. Battle between probable candidates
d. None of the above

6. The capital of the Haryanka Bimbisara was
a. Vaishali
b. Rajgir or Girivraya
c. Champa
d. Ujjain

7. Painting in the Mughal period was at its prime during the reign of 
a. Jahangir
b. Hampi
c. Akbar
d. Shahjahan

8. The ramins of the Vijaynagar empire can be found in
a. Hampi
b. Bijapur
c. Baroda
d. Golconda

9. The famous court poet of Akbar was
a. Birbal
b. Tulsidas
c. Bairam Khan Khankhana
d. Rahim

10. The Muslim Scholar who accompanied Muhammad of Ghazini was
a. Alberuni
b. Firishta
c. Amir Kusro
d. Ibn Batuta

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