TNPSC - Indian History Important Questions and Answer

  1. In which year Delhi became the capital of India? – 1911 
  2. Who led the agitation against the Partition of Bengal (1905)? – Surendranath Banerjee 
  3. In Indus Valley, which one indicates the commercial and economic development? – Seals 
  4. Which transferred his capital from Patliputra to Vaishali? – Shishunaga 
  5. Which was initially the most powerful city state of Indian in the 6th century B.C.? – Magadh 
  6. To which dynasty did Senguttuvam belong? – Chera 
  7. In which century did Ashoka reign? – Third century B.C. 
  8. Which is the most important divinity of Rigveda? – Varuna 
  9. Which animal was known to ancient Vedic people? – Lion 
  10. What is Apabhramsa? – a work of the Jains 
  11. Who was a contemporary of Chingiz Khan? – Iltutmish 
  12. From which place did the Aryans came to India from– Central Asia 
  13. In which reign was the first Buddhist Council held? – Ajatashatru 
  14. Who destroyed the group of Forty Nobles? – Balban 
  15. Which Mughal emperor’s tomb is outside India? – Jahangir 
  16. Who established the earliest Surat factories? – English Company
  17. Knowledge about the- existence of which animal is doubtful in the Indus Valley Civilization? – Cat 
  18. Who presided over the first Buddhist Council held at Rajgriha ? – Maha Kasyapa 
  19. Which region did not form the part of Ashoka's empire? – Madras 
  20. Which Mughals is regarded more as an adventurer than a ruler? – Babar 
  21. Who was the first Governor General of Bengal? – Warren Hastings 
  22. Who was the first Non-Indian (Englishman) to preside over a Congress session ? – George Yule 
  23. Who attended all the three Round Table Conferences? – B. R. Ambedkar 
  24. In which region of India was the Firdausi order of Sufism popular? – Bihar 
  25. Who could not term as a ‘Moderate’? – Bipin Chandra Pal 

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