TNPSC Group -II Interview Post 2015 Answer Key

General Knowledge

101. Match the Following: Technology - Scientific Principles

Answer: D (2-4-1-3)

102. Auto ionisation of H2O leads to the formation of

Answer: D (H
3O+ and OH-)

103.Arrange the following in increasing order of their pH values

Answer: A (Stomach Acid - 1.7, Pure water - 7, Human Blood - 7.4, Milk - 6.9, Human Blood - 7.4)

104: Which one of the following bacterium has extensive usage in Genetic Engineering work in plants?

Answer: D (Agrobacterium tumefaciens)

105. Match the following: Roboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine,Cyanocobalamine

Answer: A (2-4-3-1)

106.Which of the following is common to both Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration?

Answer: A (Glycolysis)

107. Name the hormone secreted by the pineal body

Answer: A (Melatonin)

Which state has introduced the scheme Aadhar for the poor people?

Answer: B (Odissa)

109. Name the anti submarine warfare ship launched in 13th May 2015 at Kolkata

Answer: B (INS - Kavaratti)

110. The World Congress of Information Technology in 2018 will be held in the Indian City of

Answer: C (Hyderabad)

111. The Akraman-II exercise was conducted by Indian Army in the State of 

Answer: D (Rajastan)

112. On January 10th 2015, Vikram Sarabhai Memorial award was given to 

Answer: A (M.Y.S Prasad)

113. The Train which has been named as Yoga Express is 

Answer: C (Haridwar Mail)

114. What is the name given India's relief and rescue mission in Quake-hit-Nepal? 

Answer: D (Operation Maitri)

115. Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission is about? 

Answer: B (Teachers and Training)

116Choose the new savings scheme introduced for girl child from the following 

Answer: B (Suganya Samridhi Yojana)

117. ______ is metal found in the controversial product of Maggie Noodles.? 

Answer: C (Lead)

118. Arrange the the following peaks of the Himalayas in descending order of height ? 

Answer: B (Everest-8,848, Dhaulagiri - 8167, Nanda Parbat - 8126, Nanda Devi - 7817)

119Match the following revolutions with the respective fields? Revolution  and Field

Answer: B (3-4-1-2)

120. Identity the original states before its bifurcation and choose the correct answer from the codes given below? 

Answer: C (iii-iv-i-ii)

121. The Samjhauta Express runs between India and Pakistan. Identity its Destination in both Countries? 

Answer: A (Atari in India to Lahore in Pakistan)

122. Who was the first well-known exponent of Algebra among the Indian Mathematicians? 

Answer: B (Bramagupta)

123. Who was the author of the Natya Shastra? 

Answer: C (Bharatamuni)

124. National Commission for Scheduled Tribes recommends that a National Education Commission must be set up for every year 

Answer: B (Three Years)

125. Who was the first recipient of Bharat Ratna Award? 

Answer: A and B (Dr.S.Radhakrishnan and Sri Rajagopalachari (Important- The award was given to Three Person like Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, Sri Rajagopalachari and C.V Raman

126. Consider the following statements and find out the correct ones:

Answer: C (1,3,4)

127.Which of the following provisions can be amended by a simple majority in parliament? 

Answer: D (Provisions relating to composition of the legislative councils of the state)

128. The Lokpal bill was first introduced in the Lok Sabha in which year?

Answer: A (1968)

129. The Verma Committee on fundamental duties was set-up in the year 

Answer: A (1998)

130. which one of the following articles says, " The Vice President presides over the meetings of the council of states"? 

Answer: A (89)

131. Zamindari system was introduced by 

Answer: B (Lord  Cornwallis - Introduced on 1793)

132. Which of the following states of India has no railway line?

Answer: No ANSWER (Why? all the states have Railway line - In this information of this question is out - dated. May the right answer of this question like - Meghalaya. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged-off the first train from Mendipathar, Meghalaya, to Guwahati. This was an important occasion in the history of Indian Railways, as Meghalaya was being added to the rail network of India for first time. The new rail line from Bhairabi to Sairang)

133. Land reforms provide

Answer: C (Incentives and encouragement to the tillers)

134. Who among the following has made the first systematic attempt of planning in India? 

Answer: C (M.Viswesvaraya)

135. Who was the leader of  Satyagraha Committee, organised for the removal of Neel Statue in Chennai? 

Answer: B (N.Somayajulu)

136. When did Nehru become the President of Indian National Congress? 

Answer: Doubt (Nehru 6 times become the president of Indian National Congress in following the period. So we can't find the answer (1929-Lahore,1935-Luknow,1936-Faizpur,1951-New Delhi, 1953-Hyderabad,1935-Kalyani)

137. From which novel was the National Song of Vande Mataram taken? 

Answer: D (Anand Math)

138. During the freedon struggle on which day the Indian National Congress celebrated the Poorna Swaraj? 

Answer: A (January 26, 1930)

139. If "HYDROGEN is represented as JCJZYSSD, how "ANTIMONY" will be represented as? 


140. Arrange in descending order? 

Answer: A

141. Find the range of the following data?  25, 67,78, 43,21,17,49, 54, 76, 92,20,45,86,37,35

Answer: B (75)

142. A is B's sister, C is B's Mother, D is C's father, E is D's mother. Then, A is the ? 

Answer: D (Grand Daughter) 

143. A is richer than B, C is richer than A, D is richer than C, E is the richest of all. If they are made to sit in the above degree of richness, who will have the central position? 

Answer: C (C

144. A hallow cylindrical iron pipe is of lengh 35 cm.  Its outer and inner diameters are 10 cm and 8 cm respectively. Find the weight of the pipe if 1 cu.cm of iron weighs 7 gm? 

Answer: A (6.93 kg)

145. Find out the missing term in the given alphabet series? AZ. GT, MN. __YB 

Answer: B (SH)

146. 7 man can complet a work in 52 days. In how many days will  13 men finish the same work? 

Answer: D (28 Days)

147. if a/b=9/5 than a+b/a-b=? 

Answer: D (7/2

148. Find the LCM of ...... 

Answer: A

149. Find the missing number in the following: 4242, 4254, 4230, 4266, 4218,4278,________

Answer: D (4206

150. The average of 4 values is 20 and when a quantity is added to each value the average is 22. Find the quantity 

Answer: B (2)

151. Which of the following Correct 

Answer: D (i,ii and iv)

152. Why the wings of an aeroplane are shaped with lower surface being flat and the upper surface being curved? 

Answer: B (To make difference in pressure to lift the plane vertically)

153. Match the following: Famous Indian Scientist and Their Contribution 

Answer: D (4-1-2-3)

154. Which one of the following is not an allotrope of carbon

Answer: D (Butane)

155. Match the list I with List II, select the correct answer using the codes given in the options:

Answer: A (1-4-2-3)

156. Match the following: Castor oil, gingery oil.... 

Answer: C (4-1-2-3)

157. Which one of the following as an example for X-linked chromosome inheritance? 

Answer: A (Colour Blindness)

158. What is other name of Leprosy?

Answer: C (Hansen's Disease)

159. Name the visually challenged person who got selected in 2015 Civil Service Examination.  

Answer: A (Beno Zephine)

160. The device which can store more data among the following is? 

Answer: A (DVD)

161. EDGE stands for? 

Answer: B (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution)

162. Who is the author of the book "The Past Before Us"? 

Answer: C (Romila Thapur)

163. The Indian Airport which bagged the prestigious 'Golden Peacock National Award for the year of 2015 is? 

Answer: A (Delhi International Airport)

164. Who among the following was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir State on March 1, 2015? 

Answer: C (Mufti Mohammad Syeed)

165. Where is India - Based Neutrino Observatory (I.N.O) going to be built? 

Answer: C (Theni District, Tamil Nadu)

166. International Yoga Day is observed on? 

Answer: B (June 21)

167. With which nation did India settle a border dispute in May 2015? 

Answer: B (Bangladesh)

168. Name the chief guest who participated in India's 66th Republic day celebration? 

Answer: A (Barack Obama)

169. On successive night, the moon rises about? 

Answer: A (52 minutes later - Exactly 52.7 minutes)

170. The diurnal range of temperature is maximum in the ? 

Answer: A (Equatorial region)

171. The density of population in Tamil Nadu as per 2011 census is? 

Answer: A (555 person / sq.km)

172. When it is 1.00 pm at Greenwich meridian, the local time at the Central Meridian of India is? 

Answer: C (6.30 pm

173. Who is rightly called as the 'Father of Indian Cinema? 

Answer: A (Mr.Dadasaheb Phalke)

174. During the time of Harsha who served as the head of the Nalanda University? 

Answer: C (Shilbhadra)

175. Name the first Novel in Tamil Literature? 

Answer: D (Pratapa Mudaliar Charitram)

176. Name the first Asian, Who was the recipient of Nobel Prize for economics? 

Answer: B (Prof. Amartya Sen)

177. Article 360 of the Indian Constitution deals with? 

Answer: C (Finance Emergency)

178. Which of the following cases prompted the Indian Parliament to enact 24th Amendment bill?

Answer: A (Golaknath Case)

179. Match the list I with List II : High courts  and Year of establishment? 

Answer: D (4-3-2-1)

180. Who is the thirteenth president of India? 

Answer: B (K.R.Narayanan)

181. Which one of the following is not a function of Chief Election Commission of India? 

Answer: A (Conduct of elections to the office of the State Governor)

182. Which one of the following is the largest service industry in the world? 

Answer: A (Food Processing)

183. Which one of the following programmes is related to employment generation? 

Answer: C (Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana)

184. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list? 

Answer: D (4-1-3-2)

185. The Forward Bloc was founded by? 

Answer: D (Subash Chandra Bose)

186. Who was called the Portuguese Knight Courtier and Sea Captain? 

Answer:  D ( Parthalomeu Diaz)

187. Name the first Indian who became the member of the British Parliament? 

Answer: D (Dadabhai Naorohi)

188. If x + 1/x=2, find the value x3+1/x3 

Answer: B (2)

189. Find the H.C.F of 4/9,2/5,6/8,2/5? 

Answer: A (1/180)

190. A survey in which information is collected from each and every individual of the population is known as

Answer: D (Data Collection Method)

191. Find the principal that yield a compound interest of Rs.1632 in 2 years at 4% rate of interest per annum?

Answer: B (Rs.20,000)

192. Mohan started from point P and walked 2 m towards west. He then took a right turn and walked 3 m before taking a left turn and walked 5 m. He finally took a left turn, walked 3 m and stopped at a point Q. How far is point Q from point P?

Answer: C (7 m)

193. Richard is fifteenth from the front in a column of boys. There were thrice as many behind him as there were in front. How many boys are there between Richard and the seventy boy from the end of the column?

Answer: C (35)

194.If 12 compositors can compose 60 pages of a book in 5 hours, how many compositors will compose 200 pages of the book of 20 hours?

Answer: B (10)

195. If the length of a rectangle is decreased by 50% and the breath is increased by 80 %, then the % change in the area of rectangle is 

Answer: A (decreased by 10%)

196. The difference between simple and compound interest for a sum of Rs.5000 lent at 12 % per annum in 2 years is

Answer: C (72)

197. What percent is 20 paise of 5 rupees 80 paise?

Answer: B

198. A voluntary organisation planed a total of 106 trees along the road side. Some of the trees were fruit bearing trees. If the number of non-fruit bearing trees was two more than thrice the number of fruit bearing trees planted? 

Answer: D (26)

199. If "ORIENT" is written as "532146" and "SOUL" is "7598", how will you write "LINE"

Answer: C (8241)

200. If 7 is related to 56 then 10 is related to

Answer: D (90)

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