TNPSC: General English for all competitive Exams - 6

31. "Though I gave premium to rationalism then, I had difficulty thinking of Yaanai Malai as a non-living, huge chunk of stone". Choose the right idea conveyed by the statement mentioned above.
(A) The speaker gives importance to Yaanai Malai
(B) The speaker is not bothered about the non-living things
(C) The speaker believes that Yaanai Malai is a small thing
(D) The speaker being a rational person feels difficult to consider Yaanai Malai as an inmanimat thing
Answer: D

32. "I spend the day moseying in and out of our cave"? Select the correct sentence
(A) The author goes for a leisurely walk
(B) The author is restless
(C) The author does not want to go out
(D) The author is ill a hurry to come back to the cave
Answer: A

33. How does Ahtushi Deshpande describe the taste of water at Dudh and Suraj Kund ponds?
(A) The sweetest 
(B) Salty
(C) Bland 
(D) Brackish
Answer: A

34. "During the cool winter months, before the emerald of the paddy fields slowly turns mto a wealth of gold. small flocks of lily - white egrets alight here to feast upon the tiny, silvery fish that strays mto the shallow waters of the fields" - What does the underlined words refer to?
(A) Emerald stones transformmg to become gold
(B) Emerald landscape replaced by golden colour
(C) Paddy crop slowly becomes ripe for harvestmg
(D) Bright blue colour becomes bright yellow
Answer: c

35. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B and choose the right option :
     Column A    Column B
(a) Bonnet       1. jelly
(b) Dustbin      2. pitcher
(c) Jam          3. trash can
(d) Jug          4. hood
    (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 2    3   4   1
(B) 4    3   1   2
(C) 3    4   1   2
(D) 2    3   1   4
Answer: B

36. Find out the American equivalent of the British English idiom.
"a storm in a teacup"
(A) a whirlpool in a teapot
(B) a hurricane in a teacup
(C) a tempest in a teacup
(D) a strong wind in a teapot
Answer: C

37. In the line, "Good luck is round the corner', "round the corner" means
(A) in the corner of your house
(B) just waiting to happen
(C) near the corner
(D) cornered
Answer: B

38. In "you gotta be dead first". "gotta" means
(A) will 
(B) have got to
(C) got 
(D) get out to Answer: B

39. Match the poets and their nationality:
(a) Thomas Hardy             1. Indian
(b) Ralph Waldo Emerson 2. Lebanese
(c) V.K. Gokak                  3. British
(d) Khalil Gibran              4. American
   (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 3   4   2   1
(B) 3   2   4   1
(C) 4   3   1   2
(D) 3   4   1   2
Answer: D

40. "I can't think of making money out of something that God gave me free"
The above words were uttered by
(A) C.V. Raman
(B) Abraham Lincoln
(C) George Washington Carver
(D) Nelson Mandela
Answer: C

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