TNPSC: General English for all competitive Exams - 1

1. Match the phrasal verbs in column ‘A’ with the meaning in column ‘B‘ :

Column A           Column B 
(a) Call on        1. cancel
(b) Call in        2. require
(c) Call upon   3. summon
(d) Call off      4  visit
   (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 4   3    2   1
(B) 1   3    4   2
(C) 4   I    2   3
(D) 3   2    1   4 

Answer: a

2. Add a prefix to the word ‘..nob1e’ to complete the sentence
Don’t be____________noble.
A. in
B. un
c. im
d. ig
Answer: d. 

3. I Match 'the words under Column — A with their synonyms under Column — B and select correct code :

   Column A          Column B
(a) profound     1. buzzing 
(b) massacre     2.'deep and strong
(c) humming      3. walking slowly
(d) limping I    4. mass murder
   (a) (b)  (c) (d)
(A) 2   4    1   3
(B) 3   1    4   2
(C) 4   I    2   3
(D) 3   2    1   4 
Answer: a

4.Select the complex sentence from the options given below

(A) He says what he means, and he means what he says
(B) God made the country and man made the town
(C) Night came on and rain fell heavily and we all got very wet
(D) They rested when evening came
Answer: d

5. Link the words given under Column A with those given under Column B to form opposite words and select the corrent code

    Column A         Column B
(a) Summer      1. Dispersed
(b) Strange     2. winter
(c) assembled   3. Remember
(d) forget      4. common
   (a) (b)  (c) (d)
(A) 2   4    1   3
(B) 3   1    4   2
(C) 4   I    2   3
(D) 3   2    1   4 
Answer: a

6.Find out the sentence whichhas no erron from the following optons
a. Our school teaam dit not win tomorrow
b. Next week they went to Ooty
c. The Indian Crikect Team will play againts the Australian team in the next series
d. The train arrived shortly at platform No.6
Answer: c

7."Give the order"
Choose the passive form of the above sentence from the options given below.
a. the order was given
b.the order is given
c. Let the order be given
d. First give the order
Answer: c

8. Select the simple sentence from the following options
a. His courage won him honour
b. The moon was bright and we could see our way
c. The town in which i live is very large
d. The always talk who never think
Answer: a

9. Select the suitable order of worlds for the blanks in the given passage from the options given below:
Keep a Small _______ and pencil or pen to write down every _______ meticulously ______ with the date, time and  ______ of the birds you see.
a. observation, location, note book, starting
b. location starting, observation, note book
c. note book, observation, starting, location
d. starting, observation, note book, location
Answer: c

10. The refegee by Pearl S.Buck portarys aa slice of life of the ________. Choose the correct answer from the options given below.
a. Americans
b. Chinese
c. Africans
d. Japanese
Answer: b

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