TNPSC Group 4 Model questions with answers Set - 21

1._______________ is a source of vitamin.

2.___________ is a vector borne disease.

3.The conversion of sugar solution into alcohol and liberation of Carbon-dioxide is known as
(D)Nitrogen fixation

4.TamilNadu is the  most populous state of the Indian Union.

5.The natural region which holds the Indian subcontinent is
(A) equatorial climatic change region
(B) hot desert
(C) monsoon
(D) Mediterranean
Answer: (C)

6.Which of the following crops is regarded as a plantation crop?
(A) Coconut
(B) Cotton
(C) Sugarcane
(D) Rice
Answer: (A)

7.One fathom is equal to
(A) 6 feet
(B) 6 meters
(C) 60 feet
(D) 100 cm
Answer: (A)

8.Consider the following statements. Identify the right ones.
I. The Solar System comprises the Sun and its eight planets.
II. All the planets revolve around the Sun in elliptical orbits.
(A) I only
(B)II only
Answer: (C)

9.Poona Pact between Gandhi and Ambedkar was on-
(A) 1930
(B) 1933
(C) 1931
(D) 1932
Answer: (D)

10.What is Mother Name’s of Mahatma Gandhi?
(A) Mohanibai
(B) Asha Bai
(C) Putilibai
(D) none of the above
Answer: (C)

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